Past simple tense exercises write questions and negatives sentences

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Повторното активиране ще Ви позволи да използвате езиковия трейнър и други програми. Антон: What work? Yes, you are.

Anton is taking it and putting it into the bag. Adjective and nouns. The short forms are used more often than the long forms.

Chris 4 0 Now write a conversation with Amber and Rosa. Ч есто т о не се превежда. Nice to meet you.

Isabel What do you want to drink. Vowels and Consonants. Read the following grammar lessons, listen to the audios and make notes. Освен това броят на звуковете е значително по-голям о т броя на буквите в азбуката. Те са в нас but: В нас са - They are in us.

Are you.. Той ни у чи.

Part One - The Basics

Антон: И скаш ли п о мощ? Numbers I I S Make sentences. We have prepared a worksheet for each chapter. Prepositions of place. Look up these examples:. The shopkeeper is going and bringing the bread to Anton.

Мария: With pleasure. Ти от къде си. The form for masculine nouns in Accusative and Dative " когото " and " на когото " are used only if the subject is an animate man, teacher. Антон: Т ъ рся едн о момч е! Антон: И скаш ли п о мощ.

Мария: Аз също съм добре. Yes, 1 do. Do you know Marie? Revision 2.

I have coffee and toast. Anthony David McPartiin Anti. We are going to meet some friends. I I D Complete the text with the verbs in the present simple, present continuous or past simple. Then they IB Look at the pictures and complete the conversation!

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Short answers - kpamku о тго во р и Ч есто даваме kpamku отговори: Are you watching? Office or living room? Letters in English alphabet. Name age Family 6.

We have to wear a uniform. In the dictionaries the adjectives are given in their masculine forms. Тя се употребява обикновено с определителен член the. Yeah, 1 like going out too but I like staying at home too. Над 9 год. I be a little late. Past simple: regular verbs. I I B Write the questions and give short answers. Complete the questions.

End Of Part One

In our classroom. Asking the questions about your favourite food. The menu. He must listen to the teacher.

Isabel, then go left. IIS Complete the calendar. Посетете уебсайта.